Rose Quartz Angel Community

We all come together as a Community on the Equinoxes and Solstices by connecting through our meditation circles across the world.

The Angels of Awakening Rose Quartz Angel Community is a free voluntary group of guests, clients and friends. You become a member of the AoA Rose Quartz Angel Community group when you either stay at the Daisy Centres, have a healing session, take part in an Angels of Awakening workshop or ceremony with Daisy.

If you have done any of the above with Daisy Foss during the last 15 years and connected with the Rose Quartz Angels, that means you are already a member of the The Angels of Awakening Rose Quartz Angel Community.

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The Angels of Awakening Rose Quartz Angel Community Mission Statement.

The Divine Mission is to spread love all around the world, creating a Rose Quartz Ley Line of Love. 

We all come together as a Community on the Equinoxes and Solstices by connecting through our meditation circles. We all tune into Rosie the Mother Crystal of the Angels of Awakening Rose Quartz.

Rosie emanates her Love and Light from the garden of the Daisy Centre, in the Centre of the Daisy, in the Heart Centre of Avalon, in the Heart Centre of Glastonbury, the Heart Centre of the World. The World of Gaia is the Heart Centre of the Universe.

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We encourage all Earth Angels to purchase a Rose Quartz Angel, charge it with Rosie's energy and then take it home to your home and start your own Rose Quartz Meditation Community.


There are lots of benefits being a member of the Angels of Awakening Rose Quartz Angel Community as you can see below.

If you introduce a friend or someone who needs healing to me you can collect Rose Quartz Angel Loyalty (RQA) stamps for discounted sessions. This is a new idea to share my healing practice with more clients in 2019.

  • One RQA Stamp for sending or giving me a testimony about your experience.

  • Two RQA Stamps every healing session with Daisy or attending an AOA workshop.

  • Three RQA Stamps for introducing a friend for one healing session, or a night at the Daisy Centres Glastonbury.

  • Twelve Rose Quartz Angel Loyalty stamps give you £10 off your healing session.

Terms and Conditions available upon request.

The Angels of Awakening ~

The Growth of the Rose Quartz Angel Community

By Daisy Foss ~ Angelic Dream Wizard

In the beautiful garden of the Daisy Centre “Rosie the Majestic Rose Quartz” sits in grand splendour beside the magical fish pond. Emanating pure love the impressive rose quartz transforms the energy of the whole area. When I asked the Angels if the energy of the “Power of Love” would clear and fill Glastonbury, they said Rosie would clear and send love throughout the county not just the postcode.

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In the New Age, Glastonbury is known as the ’Heart Chakra of the World’ and the World is known as the ’Heart Chakra of the Universe’. So where else would you find a massive lump of Rose Quartz than in the middle of this mystical town. One that has been  programmed by the Angels of Awakening to open the ’Heart Chakra’ of everyone who is ready for this experience, especially when they sit and meditate with her.

The Angels of Awakening love Rosie, she gives off such a sweet loving energy that pervades the whole garden. The premiere essence of the soft pink crystal is Love, Compassion, Romance and everything to do with happy loving relationships. You can wear Rose Quartz jewellery, have ornaments for your bedroom or spiritual altar, you can even bathe in water infused with this crystals energy. The usage of this beautiful rock is endless, it just keeps on giving out love.

At the Daisy Centre we have meditation evenings for our guests, visitors and locals, usually during Daisy’s Healing Weekends. We call in the Angels of Awakening to experience a unique Angel Heart Opening and Healing of any issues you may have. Part of the experience is to invite the Angels through to your body with a little help from our ’Rose Quartz Community Mini Angels’. They are held in between your finger and thumbs enabling the Angel Energy to come from Heaven to Earth and link in with Rosie the big mother Rose Quartz in the garden.

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Then when the guests return home with their Mini Angels they can start their own ’Rose Quartz Angel Community’ and link with Avalon and the Daisy Centre. We have regular meditations with Rosie and connect with the energy of the sacred sites of Glastonbury. We encourage our guests to start their own meditation evenings and activate their own Rose Quartz crystals to create a ’Rose Quartz Community’ in their counties or countries. Over the past 15 years this practise with Rosie and the mini Angels has increased the awareness, qualities and principles of love - light and helped to open hearts of many people all over the world.

The Angels of Awakening love to spread the messages of love around the world every moment of the day. We regularly have ceremonies that consciously expand the qualities of the Rose Quartz throughout Glastonbury and the surrounding area. By  intending to send this energy of love through the micro lines, lay lines and synchronic lines it can reach all parts of the world. If enough people have this mass consciousness thought, the message of love can even reach throughout the universe through the Cosmic Lay Lines.

We concentrate this energy by gathering in great numbers over the Sabbats and Esbatts throughout the year. Starting with Imbolc on the 1st of February, then we have the Spring Equinox can be from the  20th to the 24th March every year.

We conduct our ceremonies in the garden around Rosie or in the Archangel Gabriel with its golden pyramid structure in the roof. The Rose Quartz absorbs all these super energies of the moon and then transfers that energy throughout the land and through all those who partake in the event. The Angels of Awakening remind us you have to experience the dark to know the light, even when it snows in February which is a rare experience in Glastonbury.

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The next Esbatt of the wheel of the year is Beltaine on May 1st. This is an amazing weekend in Glastonbury, it is very popular and so colourful. There are so many events open to visitors and the local people really get involved in the pageantry of May Day. The Angels of Awakening especially love this first emergence of spring with all the abundance, fertility and new energy flowing through the land.

The energy builds until the second sun cycle of the year with the Summer Solstice on 21st June this year. A really beautiful weekend to be in Glastonbury, this is the Angels of Awakenings Zenith Ceremony. The time of the longest day when the most light fills the earth and brings more love - light than any other time of the year. During our ceremony we have a deep healing meditation and lots of musical accompaniment from Paul Foss on the Harmony. This is a Hang like instrument played like a drum that the Angels of Awakening love as it resonates with the human heart and feels amazing.

Anyone can come to these events, we only ask for a small donation. They start at 10.30 for an hour or so, we have usually finished by 11.45 so that you have time to get to the Chalice Wells event that usually starts at 12.00. The elements of Air and Water bring Archangel Gabriel in his full splendour to radiate emotional communication with the beauty of the arts and the love of musical vibrations and frequencies to all who attend these events.

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We are often asked how we came to be the custodian of the spectacular Rose Quartz we have in the Daisy Centre Retreat.

Rosie arrived at the Daisy Centre in the late summer of 2006. An amazing lady guest asked us if we would like a piece of rose quartz crystal for the garden, I immediately said yes as it is one of my most favourite healing stones. The only proviso was that Paul and I had to collect it from her house as she was selling it and had lots of other things we may like to store for her. Little did we know until we arrived just how big Rosie was.

Of course the Angels of Awakening knew! It was late when we got to the house and quite dark. The Rose Quartz was huge! A least three foot high and two foot wide at the base. It took three of us to try and put it on the van we had hired, but it was just too big and heavy. We had to admit defeat, and left without it but with a van full of other wonderful items that helped the Daisy Centres to get started.

The following day the ladies house was emptied by the furniture removals company and the Rose Quartz taken to their depot.Their name was Rosie Removals and that’s one of the reasons how she got her name.  Rosie stayed there doing her “Power of Love” thing for a whole month until they could deliver her to Glastonbury.

It was a red letter day when she arrived, it took 6 men and lots of wooden poles to move her from the removal van across the garden to where she is today. We built the big goldfish pond around her and placed an Angel statue opposite her. There is a wooden bench to sit on next to her, close enough to put your feet against her or to sit with your hands touching lightly.

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In 2010 we reconstructed a glass house to make the Archangel Gabriel room which is now just in front of Rosie and you can see her through the windows. You can also view her from the conservatory whilst you are having breakfast, a wonderful connection to have first thing in the morning.

We love Rosie with all our heart and she is there for anyone to come and meet.We feel so blessed to be her guardians at the time on her journey. Together we promote the ’Rose Quartz Angel Community’ and share the love of Avalon and Glastonbury.

If you are called to join in any of the ceremonies, classes or celebrations all the information is on my website. I will be delighted to see you, or you may just appear, just like Merlin’s Magic.

Much love and many blessings from Daisy