Who Are The Angels Of Awakening

I met the Angels of Awakening in 1999. This was my first Sacred Journey to Egypt, the first time I set foot in the Great Pyramid at Giza. It was while I was lying down in the Sarcophagus that  I saw a blue flash of light, followed by a brilliant white light. This was not a migraine attack! It was such a profound experience I couldn't speak for quite some time afterwards. The intense feeling of Love was so extreme I remember not wanting to tell anyone. Paul was having his own epic experience, but that’s another story. I just knew something incredible had happened, but it took quite a few years to become really clear what it was.

This was quite a shock because I thought all Angels were the same, it wasn’t until later, having worked with the Angels of the Elohim that I just knew that the Angels I had encountered in Egypt were of a different frequency.. The only ones I knew of up to then were the four main Archangels of the Elohim, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. I later discovered there are hundreds and thousands of Angels from the Elohim Realm.

The Angels of Awakening continued to work through me on every subsequent sacred journey over the next five years. During the summer of 2005, I had taken part in Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy 7 day course in Glastonbury. This gave me a great insight and confirmed the Angels I was working with were very different from the 7 main angels of the  Elohim Realm.

It was not until the double journey to Egypt in 2005, the first trip was with Anthony and a big group of Vortex Healers, followed by my own Sacred Journey group. This meant we were in the Great Pyramid four times in a month and the the Angels of Awakening made their presence known to me in a very big way. They were instrumental in manifesting the Daisy Centre.

The Angels of Awakening Realm is on the 13th Dimension and these Angels can beam their light to us, but we can’t go to them. These angels working with me at this time, are all bringing different qualities and teachings.

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