About The Angels Of Awakening


Angels of Awakening Academy is for you if you really want to know more about the angels in general, or especially the Angels of Awakening. The Angels and I have put together all we have done over the past 10 years at the Daisy Centre Retreat and are now offering it full time.

We take you through easy steps until you are ready for a whole year of Angelic Lessons. You could of course start right away if you are ready for the full on experience of awakening to your true self!

The Academy is my online Angel School, where there are 3 types of workshops each one a comprehensive introduction to self-improvement, developing an understanding of one's own energy and the Awakening Ascension Process.

These include:

Daisy’s Healing Weekends

7 Day Retreats

Global Sacred Journeys

Would you like to develop your own personal spiritual healing practice?
Do you want to earn money helping others?
How about becoming a qualified Angels of Awakening Earth Angel practitioner?

Angel School Classes

These include Daisy’s Healing Weekends, 7 Day Retreats, Global Sacred Journeys,  6 Week, 3 Month and 12 Month Angel School Webinars:

How To Transform Your Life And Feel Better - 6 Week Webinar

How To Turn Your Life Around - 3 Month Webinar

How To Become An Angel Healer  - 12 Month Webinar

If you would like more details on the Angels of Awakening Academy please email me at daisy@daisyfoss.com.